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What can you do with a cardboard box?

I'm sure I'm not the only one with more cardboard boxes on my hands than ever before. I'll keep adding in creative uses for this basic item.

  1. This one could also be filed under "process art" and "scrambled rainbow"--it's a little messy but I highly recommend it. Kids find old crayons in each color of the rainbow. Poke a small hole for each color in a line or a design into a box, and child inserts the crayon just a bit into the hole. Spread out lots of newspaper and do this in a garage or outside. Then let them use a blow dryer and watch the heat melt each crayon into cool patterns on the box.

2. Cardboard box Pizza Oven

The great thing about toys you make is that the time it takes for them to break down from use is usually about the time kids are done with the toy, and if not, they can be remade again. We had a play pizza set, but simple felt cutouts for toppings and sauce, cardboard circles, and a spatula from the kitchen would serve wonderfully. What kiddo doesn't love pizza, and this is a fun one especially if you can't go out to eat anymore--make a pizza restaurant at home, make menus, make actual pizza with the kids.

3. Cave of Lights.

I found this online many years ago. A large box and a strand of holiday lights is all you need to make a cosmic nook. All this staying home definitely creates the need for us all to be able to retreat and have some quiet time. This is a magical way to create that for a little person. Heck, I'd like to have one of these myself!

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