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Feralis, in Waxwing

We Should Be Dancing Already, in Waxwing

Three Poems, in About Place Journal, the 'More than Human' Issue

The Little Deaths, in The Shore

Pomegranates, in The Shore

Once I hid behind a tree and watched a mime, in Guesthouse

Winning Poems, Orb Weaver and Perseid, in Terrain

A Box of Oranges, in Sixth Finch

Three Poem Collages, in Thrush

Jennifers of the 1970s in Rust + Moth

What is Worth Saving? in Tinderbox Literary Journal


Poem for My Son in the Car at Academy of American Poets


The Snow Leopard Mother at Academy of American Poets

I will break into my life for my life in Thrush


Seen from Above at Verse Daily

On Not Being an Axeman in SWEET

Salmon and Blood Orange, Blessing of Hours, Curse of the Horse, and Year of the Ox in Connotations 

In Flight at A Year of Being Here

Selections from How to Live on Bread and Music and Q and A at

From the Fishhouse poetry archive


White Noise in Terrain

Metal and Shrine: A Becoming in VELA

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