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Supporting New Poetry Releases During Quarantine

Poetry rarely sees high press runs and royalty checks. And yet its writing is essential art that speaks to the human condition and its current moment in a brief, potent, insightful, nuanced, and imaginative way like no other kind of writing. Many poets rely on readings and connecting with their communities to help launch a new collection and find its readership. I dedicate this space to new poetry releases finding different means of entrance into the world during the extended quarantine of coronavirus.

Still-Life with God, Cynthia Atkins

Rare Wondrous Things, Alyse Bensel

Slide to Unlock, Julie E. Bloemeke

Come the Slumberless to the Land of Nod, Traci Brimhall

All the Gay Saints, Kayleb Rae Candrilli

The Book of Levitations, Anne Champion and Jenny Sadre-Orafai

Obit, Victoria Chang

To Make Room for the Sea, Adam Clay

Tether, Lisa Fay Coutley

Don't Touch the Bones, Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach

Sisyphusina, Shira Dentz

Postcolonial Love Poem, Natalie Diaz

All My Saints, Sean Thomas Dougherty

Letdown, Sonia Greenfield

Spring and a Thousand Years, Judy Halebsky

(aviary), Genevieve Kaplan

The Minuses, Jami Macarty

Flourish, Dora Malech

Hue & Cry, Diane Kirsten Martin

My, My, Kristi Maxwell

Salaam of Birds, Rachel Neve Midbar

Refusal, Jenny Molberg

Susan Leslie Moore

The Museum of Small Bones, Miho Nonaka

Rue, Kathryn Nuernberger

Spite, Danielle Pafunda

If Mother Braids a Waterfall, Dayna Kidd Patterson

Prime Meridian, Connie Post

Like a Bird, Melissa Studdard

Mouth Full of Seeds, Marcela Sulak

Rift Zone, Tess Taylor

Louder Birds, Angela Voras-Hills

The Wendys, Allison Benis White

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